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Professor Mauro Guillén
Dr. Felix Zandman Professor of International Management
Professor of Management

Personal Website


Contact Information

2016 Steinberg-Dietrich Hall
3620 Locust Walk
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Phone: (215) 573-6267
Fax: (215) 326-3205

Research & Teaching Interests

  • Economic Sociology
  • Emerging Multinational Firms
  • Globalization
  • International Banking Strategies
  • International Political Economy
  • Multinational Management
  • Organizational Theory

On the Nasdaq screen the day I rang the opening bell, along with Frank del Rio, CEO of Norwegian Cruise Lines, and Faquiry Diaz, CEO of Tres Mares.    At the NYSE during a media interview.
With Martin Scorsese at the Princess of Asturias Awards. National College Basketball Champions of Spain, University of Oviedo (first player on the left, standing).  
With the Crown Prince of Spain, His Royal Highness, Don Felipe de Borbon y Grecia, Prince of Asturias. Debate on the Global Economy, with Laura Tyson, Mumbai, October 2007.  
Lecturing in his home town, León, 2003. As Member of the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, 1998-1999.  
Mauro Guillen (on the left) with Ramón Reñón (Inditex), Pedro Ballvé (Campofrío), Ramón de Miguel (Iberdrola), Patrici Tixis (Planeta), Matías Rodríguez Inciarte (Santander) y Claudio Boada (Círculo de Empresarios) at the Annual Wharton-Círculo de Empresarios Award Ceremony, 2009. With Bill Ford, William Lauder and Michael Useem, 2013.  



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